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Special Education Parent Teacher Association

Graceanne Sawczyn, SEPTA President
Maureen Koehler Liston, SEPTA Vice President
Sue Moerler, Secretary
Lorraine Strauss, Treasurer
Elaine Good, Parent Advocate/Fundraiser Coordinator

All students are entitled to a free and appropriate education so that they may reach their maximum potential and graduate to be active, productive adults. SEPTA’s purpose is to empower and support special education students and their families.

The objectives of the SEPTA include:

  • To ensure each child experiences the best possible educational program, allowing them to reach their full potential.
  • To bring parents and teachers together to productively address children’s needs with the goal of producing independent members of society and life long learners.
  • To keep parents informed.
  • To familiarize parents with the identification and placement procedures used to service our children.
  • To educate and integrate the community to the lives of children with special needs.


Please check the calendar for dates and times (monthly) SEPTA Meetings are scheduled.