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Office of the Director of Special Education

Dear Babylon Families,

Each year, as September approaches, we experience a myriad of emotions—excitement, anticipation, enthusiasm and, even some trepidation, to name a few. For those of us working in Special Education, the commencement of each school year is a time for renewal, a fresh start, and a new chance to make a meaningful difference in our students’ lives.

We believe that all students have the ability to learn and grow. We understand that children acquire knowledge in different ways, and that it is our responsibility to discover the best way to reach each child. We take the time to understand our students’ strengths and interests because they provide the best “roadmap” to address their needs.

Throughout the school year, there will be many opportunities for you to interact with your child’s teachers and therapists. Please take advantage of each of these moments as they will strengthen the “home-school” connection. We believe that building a strong partnership with our families will yield more positive, stronger outcomes for our students.

It is my sincere hope that as we approach June, a new collection of emotions will present itself—pride, gratitude, relief and, yes, excitement and anticipation for the summer break and the upcoming school year.

I look forward to meeting each of you throughout the year. Please know that I am available to speak with you at any time.


Lisa P. Consolo

District Director of Special Education