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Federal and State Laws

The Babylon UFSD recognizes the critical role that both federal and state governments play in shaping our educational landscape. 

  • Federal Authority Over Education:
    • While local governments primarily determine educational policies, federal laws provide essential guidelines. These include:
      • Equal Access to Education: Ensuring that every student, regardless of race, gender, religion, disability, or ethnicity, has equal access to quality education.
      • Safeguarding Constitutional Rights: Students and teachers alike benefit from constitutional protections, ensuring a safe and inclusive learning environment
      • The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NEAP): Often referred to as the “Nation’s Report Card,” evaluates our school district’s performance.
      • Federal Agencies and Departments:
        • Entities like the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education impact education. The latter focuses on federal programs, policies, and funding, aiming to provide access to education for all Americans—from elementary to postsecondary levels.
  • State Authority over Education:
    • NYS controls public education within its boundaries. The Governor, Legislature and NYS Department of Education decide on funding, teacher qualifications, and special education programs.
    • NYS unique standards and policies reflect the diversity of educational needs across different towns and districts.

The following pages highlight key Federal and State Laws associated with education.