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Meet the Board

The Board of Education is a group of local residents elected by the community to govern the school district. It consists of seven members, each serving a three year term, without pay. In general, the Board defines district policies and fulfills the requirements set by the New York State Education Department. Community residents are invited and encouraged to attend all regular meetings and public meetings.

You can contact the Board of Education by emailing:


Board of Education: Top Left-Right Dave Sonkin-Trustee Donna Noesi-Vice President Linda Jurs- President Theresa Patiri-Trustee  Bottom Left-Right Robert Verdi-Trustee Catherine Wieland-Trustee Ari McKenzie-Trustee

Top Left-Right: Dave Sonkin-Trustee, Donna Noesi-Vice President, Linda Jurs- President, Theresa Patiri-Trustee
Bottom Left-Right: Robert Verdi-Trustee, Catherine Wieland-Trustee, Ari McKenzie-Trustee