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Data Privacy and Security


Technology is an integral part of the teaching and learning experience in the Babylon School District. The ever-increasing availability of online teaching and learning resources comes with inherent risks and concerns regarding student data, privacy and student work. We as a district have a responsibility to ensure that student and staff data and privacy is adequately protected while using any online digital resource for school work. We are providing the following information/resources for parents, teachers, and the community so that they can better understand what student data is, how student data is collected and used and the laws and practices that the district adheres to in order to protect student data and privacy.

Babylon UFSD oversees a wide range of information about students. The district manages personally identifiable information (PII) about students in accordance with the federal and state laws. More information regarding these laws, district policies and guidelines that address technology use and student data privacy are listed below. 


Federal Laws:


State Laws:


District Policies:

Additional District Policies for Data Privacy and Security:

Protected Student Data:

The term "student" refers to any person attending or seeking to enroll in an educational agency. The term "personally identifiable information" ("PII") uses the definition in FERPA. The term PII includes, but is not limited to:

  • Student Name
  • Parent Names
  • Student ID Number
  • Student Email
  • Student Address
  • Student Photos
  • Video of Students
  • Student Birthday
  • Student Medical Information
  • Special Education Information
  • Other indirect identifiers
  • Information that, alone or in combination would allow a reasonable person to identify the student


Teacher & Principal Data:

Personally identifiable information from the records of an educational agency relating to the annual professional performance reviews of classroom teachers or principals that is confidential and not subject to release under the provisions of Education Law 3012-c and 3012-d is subject to Education Law 2-d. 

Annual FERPA Notification


Annual Employee Training:

Educational agencies are responsible for providing data privacy and security awareness training to their officers and employees with access to personally identifiable information annually. Training their officers and employees with access to personally identifiable information annually. Training should include training on the state and federal laws, and how employees can comply with such laws. Each agency must also provide notice of the agency's data security and privacy policy to all its officers and employees.

Babylon Employees go through annual training on the following topics:

  1. Topic 1: Understanding Laws, Regulations, Policies and Procedures
  2. Topic 2: Understanding, Recognizing and Avoiding Threats
  3. Topic 3: Developing Good Habits and Best Practices


Data Privacy and Security: