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Instructional Technology

Empowering Learning with Instructional Technology and Office 365

At Babylon UFSD, we recognize the transformative power of technology in education. Our commitment to providing a dynamic and engaging learning environment for our students and teachers helps extend the learning environment beyond the building walls. With this mindset, we are able to leverag the Office 365 suite. This comprehensive suite of tools equips both educators and students with essential resources for collaboration, productivity, and creativity.

  • Microsoft Teams: The heart of our virtual classrooms, Teams facilitates seamless communication among teachers and students. From lessons to assignment submissions, Teams streamlines interactions and fosters a sense of community.
  • OneDrive: OneDrive provides secure cloud storage for documents, presentations, and multimedia. Students can access their work from any device, ensuring continuity even beyond the classroom walls.
  • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint: These familiar applications empower students to create, edit, and present their work effectively. Whether crafting essays, analyzing data, or designing presentations, Office 365 tools enhance student productivity.
  • Forms and Sway: Encouraging student voice and creativity, Forms allows teachers to create quizzes and surveys, while Sway enables dynamic storytelling through multimedia presentations.
  • Class Notebook: A digital binder for each class, Class Notebook organizes lesson materials, student notes, and collaborative spaces. Teachers can provide personalized feedback, and students can collaborate on shared projects.
  • Learning Tools: Office 365 includes accessibility features such as Immersive Reader, which supports diverse learners by adjusting text size, spacing, and background color.

As we integrate Office 365 into our curriculum, we invite parents to explore these tools alongside their children. Together, we can nurture digital literacy, critical thinking, and 21st-century skills. Let's embark on this exciting journey of learning and innovation!

Web-Based Resources:

In addition to Office 365, we also provide access to numerour web-based resources that students and teachers can utilize to enhance and suppliment instruction with. Please visit the student, parent, summer and teacher resource pages for further information.